Non-Sporting Injuries

lower back pain treatment
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Your trusted therapists

Our skilled therapists can help directly with treatment, massage and exercise prescription to help relieve pain. We are ideally located to serve clients across Aberdeen.

Let us get help you get back on track!

Our treatment strategies include physiotherapy, sports therapy, manipulative therapy, structural integration, swedish massage, sports massage and medical acupuncture.
 Our dedicated team of physical therapists will always treat you with the attention that you deserve when you visit our clinic.

We can provide therapeutic and practical solutions to any muscle problems that limit your mobility. Our specialists can treat a variety of injuries using many different techniques and highly effective treatments. We'll work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that will help you get better quickly.
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What do we offer?

Sports Therapy
Massage therapy
Structural integration
Medical Acupuncture
Pain Relieving Treatments
knee injury treatment

We can aid in your healing process

You can rely on us to treat a wide range of conditions.
We also specialise in treating sports injuries for clients in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. Typical treatments would be for back pain, neck pain and knee pain.
If you have any questions about our services, we will be happy to help, contact our team for advice.

"I'm a pretty sceptical guy but after even the first session I just feel so energised and fell already I'm walking and standing better." - D.M.
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Pain-relieving therapies at affordable prices
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